Can I take my birth control pills continuously so I don’t have a period?
Yes, if you are taking a monophasic pill. Please check with your provider and he or she can advise you.
I am taking Depo Provera for birth control. This is my first injection and I am bleeding like a light period. Is this normal?
Yes. Irregular bleeding after administration is normal. Some women, but not all, will stop having menstrual cycles altogether while using Depo Provera.
I am using Nexplanon for birth control and am bleeding irregularly, is this normal?
Yes. The bleeding pattern with Nexplanon is unpredictable. You may or may not have a regular period, or you may not bleed at all.
I recently had a hormonal IUD (Mirena, Liletta, Kyleena or Skylal) inserted for contraception and am bleeding almost daily, is this normal?
Yes. Irregular bleeding is a common side effect of progesterone secreting IUDs and may last for up to 6 months after insertion. Most women will have a very light cycle or no cycle at all after the first 6 months.
Will I be able to have a pap smear if I am bleeding?
Usually not. It is preferable to obtain the pap smear sample when you are not bleeding. When you schedule your appointment, please try to make sure it does not conflict with your menstrual cycle. If you are bleeding at the time of your appointment, please notify the office in advance, so that we may reschedule your appointment and offer your original appointment time to another patient.


Can I get a flu shot?
Yes, at any time during your pregnancy.
What over the counter medications can I take for a cold?
Robitussin, Sudafed, and Afrin nasal spray (no longer than 3 days) are acceptable.
Can I color my hair?
The data on use of hair color in pregnancy is limited, but it is generally accepted as safe after the first trimester.
Can I go to the tanning bed?
The use of a tanning bed is not recommended for any patient, regardless of pregnancy status, due to the increased risk of skin cancer. If you choose to use a tanning bed, we recommend waiting until the 2nd trimester.
Can I go to the dentist?
Yes, good dental care is very important during pregnancy.
Can I travel?
Yes, with some exceptions. First most, if you are traveling for more than one hour, you need to get up and walk every few hours to help prevent formation of blood clots in the legs. If you are in the last 4 weeks of your pregnancy, we prefer that you do not travel more than 1 hour away from us. If your are high risk, check with your doctor first. Patients whose pregnancy is uncomplicated may travel by plane up until 36 weeks gestation. Finally, please avoid any areas with Zika virus exposure. You can check the CDC Website or ask your provider for guidance.